C.P. & Berar E. S. College, Nagpur.

Two Days Multidisciplinary National Virtual Conference on 8th & 9th March 2022

Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research,WRC,Mumbai

Social Implication of Artificial Intelligence on Women Athlete, Women Health and Nutrition in Light of COVID -19 Pandemic

“Technology is best when it Brings People Together” – Matt Mullenweg

Sub Themes for the Paper Writing

In this pandemic situation in the fight against Covid-19. We all are facing problems to maintain physical fitness and health immunity. The sole aim of this conference is to make the society literate about the radical changes in our lifestyle by using various technologies which are used in sports and nutrition. In this perspective Department of Physical Education & Sports and Department of Home economics have decided to jointly organizing a Two days Multidisciplinary National Conference on “SOCIAL IMPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ON WOMEN ATHLETE, WOMEN HEALTH AND NUTRITION IN LIGHT OF COVID -19” This Conference will be very helpful in bringing this topic of the conference in to the main stream of the society. We are looking forward that large number of Sports Coaches, Research Scholars, Dietitians, Nutritionist participate in this conference and they will be benefited in their respective disciplines.

Sub Themes for Research Paper
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Future of Social Implication on Women Nutrition  
  • Women Health & Nutrition
  • Challenges in Women Health & Nutrition
  • Understanding Food & Nutrition in Women Health.
  • Technology and Nutrition: Where we are and where we’re going.
  • Role of Nutritional Counselor in Women Health
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Diet Plan
  • Human Dietitian Vs Artificial Intelligence.
  • Diet Monitoring and Health Analysis Using mobile app
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in Optimizing Nutrition.
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Nutrition Industry.
  • Nutrition Meets Artificial Intelligence
  • Women Healthcare in COVID-19
  • Women Psychology & COVID-19
  • Application, Implementation & Limitation of Technology in Medical Science
  • Obstacles to Implementing Technology in Women health Care
  • Artificial Intelligence ‘Future of Medicine’
  • AI in healthcare: A key to Smarter Future.
  • Assistive Technology and Women Health.
  • Challenges of Social Media in healthcare
  • Women & Health
  • Challenges in Personalized Nutrition & Health in Sports.
  • Effect of Technology on Women Athlete Psychology .
  • Importance of Sports Nutrition
  • Importance of Nutrition for Women Athletes.
  • The Impacts & Benefits of Technology on Sports Science.
  • How AI Is Changing New Product Development in Sports Nutrition.
  • Use of Technology for Prevention of Injury in Sports.
  • Use of Technology – ‘A future for Sports Coaching’
  • Artificial Intelligence- Tokyo Olympics 2020.
  • Use of Technology in Sports Event Management
  • Artificial Intelligence – Current and Future Application in Sports.
  • Sports Medicine in COVID-19
  • Sports & COVID -19
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in Bio medicine
  • Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology
  • Opportunities ,Challenges and Risk in Women Health Care
  • Benefits and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Issues
  • AI -A Powerful Predictive Technology
  • Socio-economic Impact of COVID-19 In health System
  • Social Implication of Technology in Women Health Care System.
  • Any other topic related to theme