C.P. & Berar E. S. College, Nagpur.

Two Days Multidisciplinary National Virtual Conference on 8th & 9th March 2022

Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research,WRC,Mumbai

Social Implication of Artificial Intelligence on Women Athlete, Women Health and Nutrition in Light of COVID -19 Pandemic

“Technology is best when it Brings People Together” – Matt Mullenweg

About Conference

In our day to day life Artificial Intelligence  is  entering —like Alexa, self-driving cars, mobile apps, sports gadgets and programmed stock trading—and this trend will slowly accelerate. After COVID -19 Pandemic AI has been widely used in health care – including diagnosis, public health, clinical decision making, social control, therapeutics, vaccine development, surveillance, combination with big data, operation of other core clinical services, and management of patients with COVID-19. In other words we can say that, The coronavirus is spurring new applications and developments for the technology within the sector. To develop the positive aspects of the technology, manage its risks and challenges, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to help in building an Artificial Intelligence enhanced society.

At this conference, after introducing AI and its social implications in a panel format, the conference will discuss AI’s implications on Women Athlete, Women health and Nutrition in light of COVID -19  in interactive. We will bring together futurists, nutritionists, academicians, and policymakers to consider the social implications of AI. Using AI technology may encourage healthier behavior in Individual Sports Women and help with the proactive management of the healthy lifestyle.

This Conference will be very helpful in bringing this topic of the conference into the mainstream of the society. We are looking forward to the large number of Sports Coaches, Research Scholars, Dietitians, Nutritionists participating in this conference and they will be benefited in their respective disciplines.

Aim & Objectives of the Conference

  • To analyze the current use of AI in Sports, sports Nutrition and Women Health
  • To develop the Athlete Women’s dietary system using AI technology may lead to the creation of the global sports network.
  • To support and monitor the personalize supply of nutrient for sports women by using AI.
  • To encourage healthier behavior in Individual Sports Women and help with the proactive management of the healthy life style.
  • To organise Athletes training Activity by using AI
  • To assess the information about sports training by using AI
  • To access the knowledgeable subject experts in the field of AI for achieve the desired goal in the field of sports.